How do I appeal for disapproved Adsense account?

How do I appeal for disapproved Adsense account?


If your application has not been approved, please refer first to the application status message that we have sent you - it contains more details on why your application was disapproved. Below, we have collected some of the most common disapproval reasons and the next steps you should follow.

There was a problem with my contact details or name
Please sign in under with the email address you first applied with. On the next page, you will see a form where you can correct your address data and resubmit the application.

There was a problem with my website content
Please review our guidelines to make sure your website complies with our policies, keeping in mind that we may review all pages where you implement ad code, not just the URL you specified in the sign-up form. After you have adjusted the content of your website, you can resubmit your application under

The message says that I already have an account under another email address
At this moment, AdSense policies only allow one account per publisher. Please refer to the email that we have sent you and follow the steps outlined there to either keep using your existing accounts or move to a new account. Make sure to follow the instructions in the email rather than just closing your old account, as doing so will require you to submit a new application with a different email address.

Publishers whose accounts have been terminated for invalid activity or policy violations will not be allowed to open a new AdSense account according to the AdSense T&Cs.