How is the effective off page SEO?

Off-page SEO totally depends on How well your website content is and how it is optimized for SEO.
It’s the way of preparing your website to get submitted in Google to get a link back so that your website can improve it’s performance and traffic.
This off-page activities will help your website to do better in searches to increase your keyword rankings.
But you need to understand off-page is not about link building it’s about fresh content, the more you provide content to your users the more your website is preferred in Google.
How is the effective off page SEO?
For your website to make it perfect in Google you need to have basic on-page techniques.
Below are some effective off-page SEO techniques for 2017.
Content: Having a fresh content will definitely allow Google to visit your website for uniqueness in your content and crawls all your pages, the content you write should be valuable means it should match your target audience interest in order to increase your website traffic and visitors.
Having a fresh and updated content helps your website to improve it’s ranking and traffic, brings more visitors means more leads.
Keywords: Having a the right and relevant keywords for your website is most important in terms of off-page because keywords are the ones which will help your visitors find your website in SERPs so having a high search volume keywords helps you to get high quality traffic with rankings.
Optimize your keywords in content with related outbound links which should be related to your website topic, don’t do keyword stuffing in your content which may decrease your website performance.
Optimize your keywords for those pages which gets more views and clicks especially your homepage, services, products and contact us pages.
Brokenlinks: Check for brokenlinks when doing off-page submissions because they can harm your website and creates a bad user experience.
Blogging: Having a blog to your website is a big advantage in terms of bringing more visitors by updating your blog every 2 days a week with fresh content and should be readable for your visitors to get fun while reading and they can share your blog if they like it.
Also publishing new blogs is not all done you need to promote your blog using social media channels and blog submission website which helps you to get quality backlinks to your website.
Guest Blogging: Having fresh content is a big boost up for you to do guest posting on others website and also you need to have relevant topics.
If you want your content to get approved then your content should be valuable to the topic given and it should help user in finding information and gaining knowledge.
Infographics: This are great way to showcase your content through visuals which makes your user more interested while reading.
PPT: You can present your content as good as possible using presentations which are mostly for professional use to attract visitors and you can share it on slideshare.
Community: Being active on industry related community websites help you stay up-to-date and you can share your activities related your website and blogs.
Business Listings: They help your website grow more in search results while submitting your business you need to maintain a single NAP which is very important for your users to contact you for queries.
Local SEO: Having a Google my business page for your website helps your website to improve your search results and also by optimizing your locations based on related keywords and your contact page should have addresses related to their respective locations if you have multiple locations.
Articles: This are same as guest posting but you have more categories to submit your content but as i said earlier you need to maintain freshness in the content which helps you to drive traffic.
Social: Also make use of social media channels to promote your website content and blog to get more visitors and traffic to your website.
Visual Content: Making your content share visually has more demand now a days, it’s like showing your content differently instead of dropping paragraphs making it short with visual effect makes it more effective for the users to read.
Well this are more than enough if you maintain quality in your submissions and content because they will increase your domain authority and backlinks of your website and will give you more valuable customers to your company.