Is SEO worth it for our company?

I started working for a event production company in the Caribbean and I just started working on our SEO. But I'm having doubts if SEO would be worth it in such a niche market. We mostly arrange the audio/visual production for events so we don’t organise them ourselves. We aim for american companies.


Yes and No…
As an SEO I hate to say this but… SEO is a luxury, not a necessity (except for the basics, more on that later…).
With any business to be truly viable long-term, it needs to have marketing systems that are robust enough so that when one of its marketing elements (SEO is one marketing element) completely fails (Google does some crazy update), the business keeps going.
As Dan Kennedy says, the worst number in business is “one”. You need more than one method to get new business.
So, before you start digging deep into SEO, are there any other activities that can be focused on that will bring in a better ROI, are there current marketing activities that work and could be automated? That would give you time later to focus on SEO.
Things like:
  • Cold Calling
  • Direct Mail – follow up with a call or at worst an email
  • Print Ads (industry publications)
  • Digital Ads (industry websites)
  • Targeted Ads (Target ads to specific business on LinkedIn)
  • Social Marketing
  • Content Marketing
The good news is your online marketing activities (done right) have the great side effect of improving your SEO results.
You should do some basic SEO so that when someone searches for your business, it can be found.
  • Don’t worry about keywords other than the business name and what it does.
  • Make sure the website loads fast and is TOTALLY mobile device compatible.
  • Do basic link building, social profiles, business directories etc. 
If you are going to do more SEO, then you need to know what the main objectives are. What are you/your business trying to accomplish online with the website?
Saying “we want more business” is not enough. For SEO to be effective, you need to have a clear point of focus for your efforts. What’s the objective?
  • Brand Building? (ref above)
  • Lead Generation?
  • Direct Sales/Bookings?
For your Niche, I would go the Brand Building route; establish online your business “Expertise” and “Professionalism”, then target event management companies, build up relationships, offer advice or even guides on how to run events in the Caribbean for those event companies who have never set up anything there before.
Good Luck!