Things to know about Website Redirection in WordPress

Things to know about Website Redirection in WordPress

Did you transfer your website to a new page or link? Have you informed your readers? If not, then you are probably losing a lot more traffic and conversion that you think. But don't worry, there is an option or a requirement you need to do in order to avoid losing your traffic and that is 301 redirects.  If you're not sure how to do this, let skilled WordPress Developers manage and implement 301 redirects to ensure that your website works well with not glitches. 

What are redirects?

Redirect is a way for your website to send a quick message to your reader’s browser and tell them that the page they want to visit has been moved, so their browser can automatically point them to the new page of your choice. 
There are different kinds of redirects such as 301 redirect, 302 redirects, 307 redirects, etc. However, in this post, we'll talk about only the most important and useful redirect which is the "301 redirects."

301 redirect

This is the most important redirect since its primary task is when your site or a page on your site has been moved, and you want to point the user to a new page instead.  This happens when you need to transfer your content page to other platforms or updated your platform. 

Why do you need it?

There are several reasons why you need 301 redirects. Having this allows you create a redirect link once you plan to delete a certain post to favor the newer content You all need this once you have a new permalink on your post. You need to create a redirect when you are planning on changing the permalinks of your post or page. Without using 301 redirects, your readers will end up clicking a link and see " 404 not found an error." Not only your readers will not like it since they can't see the content they want but can also impact your overall search engine rankings. 

Are you still not using 301 redirects? Then implement one with WordPress Developers Expert in order to avoid losing your audience and your SEO rankings.