What are the big rules of SEO?

1.Keywords: Find out best keywords for your content. Keywords play as a basic foundation of SEO. You have to understand the differences between buying keywords and niche keywords. Always choose long & low competitive keyword.
2.Content : Content must be unique, interesting, long.
Sometimes reader don’t want to read long content. So you may add Attractive/Funny/Quotation Image /Video or the best way you may add an Info-graphic which’ll tell story about your content. Believe me it really works. But, bear in mind not too much Multimedia.
Example: Go Backlinko. When you open any content there, First you’ll find an attractive, Big & informative info graphic. Which makes you eager to read the content. You’ll also find many images with an important quotation.
Now, people want to See more than Read !
3. On Page SEO: Follow Every step in On Page SEO. Such as, Meta tag optimization, Keywords density, Using H1 & H2 tag, Site Spreed, Internal Links &External Links etc.
4.Social Media Submission : use social media for link building.
  • More connect your user : make your post interesting so that people find reason to follow and share your post,
  • Share your brand : Give concentrate on your brand name, logo, Cover photos( change it on special days/ occasions )
  • share your post when most of the users are online.
  • Follow your competitors in Social Medias: Try to understand when your competitors share their posts and who re-share these.
5.Don’t expect sudden Result : Now, SEO is not about sudden Result. It is a slow process. Take time for link building and Give concentrate.