What is canonicalisation in SEO?

What is canonicalisation in SEO?


Canonicalization is a concept in which individual web pages is loaded from multiple URLs and there is a fundamental problems because when multiple pages have the same content but different URLs, links that are intended to go to the same page get split up among multiple URLs. SEOs refer to this issue as duplicate content.

There are various canonical problems that affects ranking in search engines such as :

Indexing problems in search engines :

If we have more than one urls of the same page then google’s web crawlers will take time deciding which URL is the correct one to display in search results.

Unclaimed links Problems:

When several other websites are linking with our webpage and they are all linking to different URLs despite linking to the same content. This process give link juice to several weaker pages rather than a single strong one.

Duplicate content:

Duplication issues and canonical URLs can result in lower rankings due to this duplicating content.