What is the easy way to earn money in SEO?

What is the easy way to earn money in SEO?


Alright, I’ll give the answer here is two forms. First the short answer, then the long answer.

The short answer: the easiest way to earn money in SEO is to work doing client SEO. That is, ranking businesses websites higher in Google, and in exchange they pay you a monthly retainer.

The long answer: client SEO is still the fastest path to the cash for making money with SEO, but it’s not quite a push button solution.Client SEO is how I’ve made money and grown my business to some amazing places over the last 12 months. In fact, client SEO has been my and my agency’s exclusive focus.

We’ve talk about expanding into affiliate SEO and dabbled with the pay per lead model of local SEO. I’m sure there will be a point in our business where we seriously invest in opening a new income stream with affiliate SEO of some kind.But client SEO, is just, pardon me for saying, just so much easier.

Now, quickly though, I want to qualify that “easy”. When I say easier, I mean it’s quicker to be paid for than affiliate SEO, and much faster to scale up than affiliate SEO.The appeal of affiliate SEO for a lot of people is that, it can be very hands off eventually as you grow your business. That dream of passive income that everyone wants, the closest you’ll come to that is probably affiliate SEO if you’re doing it at a very high level.

However, unless you’ve been in the SEO trenches for a while and have a good feel for Google and how it operates, diving headfirst into affiliate SEO is probably not a smart idea.The reason I say this is because, affiliate SEO takes a lot more time to produce your first dollar and it also takes a lot of patience and up front investment. If you’re excited about SEO and the possibilities there, then you jump on the bandwagon for affiliate, only to have absolutely no progress to show for 3 - 6 months. Then you’re going to burn out and you’re going to quit.

However, with client SEO, the time to that first dollar is fast. You talk with a business, you know that they need better rankings, you offer to get them those rankings for a price, then you close the sale. Bing, bang, boom, you’ve made your first dollars with SEO.

The sales cycle for client SEO can take a little while depending on the industry and the price point, but I can tell you nine times out of ten it’s a helluva lot faster than affiliate SEO.Again though, this is not to dump on affiliate SEO. I have some great friends just killing it in that space and I have great respect (and maybe a little envy) for what they’re doing.

But for beginners to SEO looking to make money from their knowledge, or get the money to finance learning SEO, then they should stick with client SEO.

It literally is the fastest path to the cash in this case, and the fastest path to the cash is what it’s all about in the beginning.