What is the way to verify my Adsense Account?

I am living in Pakistan and I have an USA Adsense account, I earned much Money in this Month and I need to Pin Verify my Adsense account to get paid my Money. But the Problem is that I don’t have any real USA address where I can receive my AdSense Pin Mail Letter.

Is there anyone who can help me?

Adsense needs to verify your location before sending you the money by ex. Western Union.

So if Pakistan is not in the list of countries, then best scenario is to find a friend of yours or relative in an accepted country for adsense payment.

Tell him that you will receive a letter by mail to his address but sent to your name.

Then go to your Adsense account, add the address and your name, wait till the letter drops at your friend ‘s location. Let him send you the verification code, enter it; and Voila your are eligible for Western Union ‘s payment.

Now the problem is everytime Adsense sends you a payment, you need to travel to that country and find a Western Union agent to collect the money sent to your name. You need your passport or ID.

Lately, Adsense added an option where you can add a new Payee Name; So you might add your friend ‘s name, and he can collect it for you.

good luck.