What will be the game changing SEO Trends in 2017?

What will be the game changing SEO Trends in 2017?


To rank a website Through the organic process is called seo. SEO algorithm will change daily , weekly, seo algorithm changes 365 times a year.

Since 2010, when smartphone revolutions started globally , the concept of seo almost changed globally. Today seo is not just seo. SEO is now Internet Marketing , online marketing and growth hacking. With 6 years of seo experience I can predict the future of seo here -

In 2017 , the seo will be followings -

Content is then king - content was the army since the start of the seo . However , these days content is the king. If you need success you will make contents. Full your with long useful , readable contents as much as you can. Write long descriptions to your blogs, in your site and full your site with tons of information in contents. Not only in your website , fulfill the site with content form every angle. You need to write long blogs, full of information. you also need to write articles , PR and more. create and spread contents as much as you can.

Social media is your neighbors - Listen the media, whats the trending , what is back dated now. Today, with extremely peace of science people is just looking for advancement and specially in the technology market innovation drives the race. SO, you must be able to social in order to reach to the common people. post your blogs , articles , pr to social media.

Guest blogging - Its costly , but one guest could give you 1 lakh traffic. You will be amazed once you saw this. Trust me and post a content today and see the results.
Videos , images , and other multimedia contents - Post images , videos and other kind of contents as much as you can. They increases your chances to get rankings.

Growth hacking - All you need is growth hacking. lets know the definition of growth hacking form famous growth hackers . With the help of proper growth hacking technique you will see the sun of success. There are lots journals , books , pdfs etc are regarding growth hacker.
Hope this helps :)